Xanthor Howrse

Every day , Xanthor chooses 5 Xanthos on Howrse.

Clik to open 5 Xanthos pages

 Ctrl + W  to close each Xanthos page

To see :



If the button "Stroke" don't appear :
You are not connected on Howrse
You can stroke 5 Xanthos a day !
You can win a HORN OF PLENTY !

Click on 5 to stroke !

what else ?





XANTHOR is a program from R.I.P.

by CraXoR

CraXoR cluwb provides howrse help, foal games, tips, tricks and cheats, xanthos stroke links, random xanthor, archimedes quiz, popularitor, skillor, training and blup programs, levels answers, achievements guide, quests help, layouts, contests, news, gossips, divine horses, special horses, archimedes, sleipnirs, xanthos, harlequin, croesus, falabellas, gypses, sand horses, objective list, presentation, layouts, programs, calculate, skills, Genetical Potential, breed, breeding, GP, IS, AS, lesson gain, Black Market, Shop, objects, bonus, passes, promo codes, to play on the virtual horse breeding game howrse.com.